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21 Oct2018

Most of the men experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and about 30 million men in the United States are affected by ED. It is commonly called as “impotence” and the Erectile Dysfunction causes include various factors such as any other health condition, certain medications, drugs, smoking, alcohol, relationship or emotional problems. Although the Erectile Dysfunction treatments such as medications, implants, pumps, and surgery are available you can reduce the symptoms of ED with some other non-invasive and safe natural treatments. Research has also supported the fact that the various natural treatments help to reduce the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.


Let’s see how natural treatments help you to treat the Erectile Dysfunction:


Panax ginseng is also called herbal Viagra. In 2008, researchers have reviewed 7 studies of Panax ginseng (red ginseng) and ED and concluded that there is an evidence for the effectiveness of the red ginseng in the Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

The latest research is being conducted on finding the influence of red ginseng on ED. In the extract of red ginseng, ginsenosides are one element that performs an action at the cellular level for improving the erection.

Panax ginseng helps to be more effective for you if you have high lipid in your blood and metabolic syndrome. This herb is also known for its other beneficial properties that include anti-inflammatory action, improving lung function and improving the blood flow to other health disorders – these all features help to reduce the ED symptoms.


The adrenal glands in your body produce a natural hormone called Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that can be converted to both the estrogen and testosterone in the body.

According to a study conducted in Massachusetts, those men having ED showed low levels of DHEA. In 2009, another study performed in which 40 men experiencing ED participated. Among these men, half were given 50 mg DHEA while other half received placebo once a day for about 6 months. The result showed that those men who received DHEA were most likely to achieve and even maintain an erection.   

In recent times, DHEA has been considered as the treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction for those men experiencing concurrent diabetes. ED commonly affects diabetic people because of the hormonal issues and diabetes complications interfering with the normal blood flow to the organs.


According to a small study that indicated the effectiveness of Rhodiola Rosea for ED and during the research, this herb with a dosage of 150 to 200 mg is given to 26 men out of 35 for three months. These men have shown significant improvement in their sexual performance. Rhodiola Rosea also improves energy and reduces fatigue. However, still more studies are needed to understand the action of this herb and to ensure the safety of the patient.


Most of the studies showed positive results for using acupuncture as a treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction. According to a study conducted in 1999, it has been found that acupuncture has improved the quality of erections as well as restored the sexual ability in 39% of the participants.

Another study in 2003 reported that 21% of Erectile Dysfunction patients showed improvements in erections after receiving the treatment of acupuncture.

Although some other studies have shown conflicting results acupuncture is a promising treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction patients. However, some more studies are needed.

The risks of acupuncture are very rare if you have consulted a licensed acupuncturist. So, you should carefully consider all the factors while choosing an acupuncturist e.g. the qualification, experience, certification, license, training, and skills.  


L-arginine is naturally occurring amino acid in the body that helps in making nitric oxide. This nitric oxide performs an important function of relaxing the blood vessels to facilitate successful erection and therefore it is an essential element for a healthy sexual functioning.  

Research has been conducted on determining the effectiveness of L-arginine on Erectile Dysfunctionf. It has been concluded that 31% of men with ED who were given 5 grams of L-arginine daily have experienced extensive improvements in the sexual function.    

According to another study, when 80% of men with ED received a combination of L-arginine and pycnogenol (plant product from tree bark), their sexual ability was restored after 2 months. And after 3 months, 92% of men showed improvements.  

L-arginine proves to be safe, effective and well-tolerated when it combined with other medications for managing mild to moderate symptoms of ED.


It is very important to remember that most of the dietary supplements and herbs that are labeled as natural remedies for treating ED have not yet proven to be safe or effective.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate the quality, purity, strength or packaging of these herbs and also reported that most of these products contain sildenafil that is an active ingredient in Viagra (medication). So, these products can prove to be dangerous for some of you and so should be avoided. Viagra cannot be taken with certain other medications so it is important that you should consult the doctor before taking Viagra or any other supplement that contains similar to Viagra.

Talk to your doctor before taking any medications, dietary supplements or herbs for Erectile Dysfunction.

Consulting the doctor before trying any treatment for your Erectile Dysfunction symptoms on your own holds a significant place in ensuring the safety of your overall health. This is because ED can be caused by other health conditions such as high cholesterol or heart diseases and taking any medication or supplement or herb can cause serious effects on these health conditions. Through a proper diagnosis, the doctor can recommend you treatments that not only improve your ED symptoms but also improve your heart health. During the diagnosis, if other health issues are not causing your ED symptoms, the doctor then prescribes some other treatments.


Whatever the way you choose, be sure that Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition that can be easily treated.

The best way is to consult an experienced and certified urologist Dr. Binod Sinha who finds a workable treatment for Erectile Dysfunction that works best for you and your partner.

Dr. Sinha practices urology at Urology Care of Central New Jersey and is a board-certified urologist providing diagnosis and treatments for a wide range of urology diseases affecting men and women. He focuses on having a detailed consultation with the patient and tailors an effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Edison, NJ while ensuring the patient to live a healthy life. If you’re experiencing ED symptoms, you can visit our website and book an online appointment or call 908-754-9280 for an immediate response.