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Permanent contraception is called sterilization. When a man is sterilized, the procedure is called a vasectomy.  When a male ejaculates the fluid or semen from the penis it contains sperm. Sperm is accomplished in your testicles (balls) and move up your vas deferens (tubes) to blend with your semen. During the procedure of vasectomy, these tubes are cut and tied. After the procedure, there is no sperm in your semen. Your testicles still create sperm but they are engaged by your body.

Vasectomy is getting popularity as an effective and a permanent male birth control method. As more and more men are getting a vasectomy in the USA, it is essential to find out how much does it costs, and so here we will see what factors affect the vasectomy cost, the average cost of vasectomy in the USA and additional costs.


These are the factors that influence how much a vasectomy outlays:

  • The locality or state where you live time and again affects how much your surgery costs, particularly since it defines which hospitals and doctors are accessible to you.
  • The network rate, this is what our approximations are based on, it is converted between your health insurance company and doctor or hospital—therefore your insurance company and whatever source you select will play a huge role in shaping cost.
  • The health insurance plan you own affects the price of your vasectomy for slight reasons. Whether your surgeon is in or out-of-network can influence the total price. Your co-insurance and co-pay sums, as well as how ample of your deductible you have left, can also touch how much you pay out-of-pocket.
  • What occurs during the process, such as what type of anesthesia you were administered (and whether your anesthesiologist is in or out-of-network), can have an alteration in the cost. If there are crises that happen through the procedure, you might have supplementary unanticipated prices.
  • Your overall personal health also shows a role in how much your vasectomy charges. If you have preexistent health problems, there could be further expenditures.


For men who are without the health insurance or not covered by it, the price of a vasectomy surgery typically ranges somewhere from $250 to $1,000, depending on location, surgical method used, and other variables such as your method of payment and whether a doctor uses income-based downward measures.

For male patients covered by insurance, out-of-pocket costs normally involve of $10 to $30 copay for the preliminary discussion and another copay of $10 to $100 for the course, or a percentage of the total – usually 20 percent.

Vasectomies are sheltered by about 70 percent of health insurance plans, conferring to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.

Some vasectomy doctors offer the package for the cost of a vasectomy into one total price, while others list them specifically (these price packages can cover preliminary consultation, anesthesia, follow-up check-ups, and/or semen analysis.) When paying out of pocket, be sure to get faultless estimates on each of those items or a list of all that may or may not be comprised in the bundled price.

Moreover, vasectomies are every so often a qualified health savings account (HSA) expense. If your insurance plan won’t pay for the process and you contribute to an HSA, you may be able to get compensated that way.


In the future, if you change your mind, vasectomy reversal, which often is not covered by health insurance, can charge from $6,000 to $15,000. The success rate — the proportion of couples who attain a pregnancy within two years after a vasectomy reversal is only about 52 percent.

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